Benefits Of Paint Protection Film
Help keep your car looking newer longer with LLumar® self-healing paint protection film.

Stop fearing chips, scratches, rocks, sand and salt.


We get it: no matter how small, that first little nick hurts. And keeping an eye out for everyday road damage is the worst. Why not add a layer of LLumar® car paint protection film? You’ll worry a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more.


Our barely detectable paint protection films are the smart, easy way to keep your factory or custom paint finish looking fresh and flawless for miles.

 We offer two levels of protection, so you can choose the level of defense that fits your needs: Paint Protection Film for lasting durability and Platinum Paint Protection Film, for advanced armor. No matter which option you choose, you’ll appreciate what this specialty film’s self-healing properties do for the life of your finish – and for your life on the road.


Virtual invisibility is just one

of this durable film’s many

super powers.

Product Benefits

Thwart Everyday Road Damage

Shield Against Nicks & Scratches

Match Your Paint Finish

Provide Resistance to Stains

Add Surface Durability

Ensure Your Satisfaction

Paint protection film
platinum paint protection film

Platinum Paint Protection Film


Be a perfectionist with Platinum Paint Protection. This hard-wearing film is advanced armor that defends against road damage. Limited 10-year manufacturer's warranty included.

Paint Protection Film


Extend the life of your flawless paint finish for many miles with LLumar® Paint Protection Film’s clear, self-healing shield. Limited 5-year manufacturer's warranty included.

Where can Automotive Paint Protection Film be installed?

This invisible bra for cars can be added to the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage such as the hood, bumpers, door edges, handles and steps, side-view mirrors, rocker panels and fenders. Click on the name of the car section below to see where the paint protection film can be applied.

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